Time to get Glamorous for the Holidays!

Holiday Makeup Tips


'Tis the season where your weekends are filled with Holiday parties. You'll walk into a sea of ugly Christmas sweaters and crazy shenanigans. One thing that won't get you a party foul is yourholiday makeup. Below are simple guidelines to get you looking, and feeling GLAMOROUS!

First thing first, winterizing your skin care routine. After a couple sub zero days, I bet your skin is needing some extra TLC. HYRDRATE, HYDRATE,HYDRATE. Not only do you need a heavier moisturizer during the colder months but consuming 8 cups of water daily is a must! Once you check that off your list, be sure to exfoliate 2-3 times a month with a gentle sugar scrub, being sure to stay clear of the eye area. On the day you're exfoliating, follow up with a hydrating or deep cleaning mask. Finally slather on a nice moisturizer, remember a little bit thicker then the one you would use during the summer. Take a minute to enjoy your ultra smooth face.

Now time to get glamorous!

Before applying any makeup, start with a primer. I like to use a face primer all over my face then eye shadow primer on my eyelids. Using a makeup primer is sure way for your everything to stay put through all your Holiday fun.

Have any skin imperfections to hide? Grab a concealer a shade lighter then your skin color, tab where necessary then blend with a beauty sponge. POOF GONE!

Next up, foundation. Find one that matches your natural skin tone and dab in small batches on your chin, cheeks and forehead. Have that beauty sponge handy? Blend away evenly to ensure a flawless finish.

Time to amplify the those cheekbones with highlighter. Use a light hand when applying ,you don't want to be mistaken for the strobe light.

Now smile! Find the apples of your cheeks, softly apply blush to give you a soft glow.

Make your eyes pop with precise eyebrows. Get a eyebrow pencil that's a shade lighter then your hair and follow the natural line of your brows.

Give depth and definition to your eyes with three shades of eye shadow. Apply the lightest right under your eye brow, use the medium shade on your lid and the darkest in your crease. Blend with blender brush to get rid of any obvious lines. If you want to have a super bold eye, use a heavy hand with the darkest shade in your crease.

Eyeliner will complete your look. Make sure to apply it as close to your lash line as possible. Use a felt tip liner for a precise line or crayon liner to smudge to achieve a smoky look. Finally apply mascara to separate, lengthen, and plump those lashes.

Pull everything together with lipstick. Line your lips with a liner one to two shades darker then your lips then using your fingertip blend. Then apply lipstick evenly all over your lips and finally a layer of gloss.

HELLO GORGEOUS! Time to P-A-R-T-Y-! Who's that beautiful girl in the mirror ready for her Holiday Party?

I hope these tips helped you achieve the glamorous holiday look for all your festivities.

If these tips seemed overwhelming and you're asking yourself, what is makeup primer? Call me at 724.290.4634 and treat yourself to an airbrush makeup application,come into the salon or let me come to you.