New Year, New You!

Fresh look to start the New Year!

Happy 2017! I hope you all had an amazing start to this New Year. Its a new beginning to so many things.

Are you ready to start this New Year with a fresh new look? If you answered yes but are unsure of where to start, I am here to help!

One of the easiest way to change up your look is with a new haircut.  You want to flatter your best features. So you start by answering one simple question, what is my face shape ?

I always found it hard in the beginning of my career to determine my client's face shape. Once I did a little research and found some helpful tips, it was easy to create the perfect haircut for them.

Below are the tips that help me :


  • Petite face
  • Soft jawline
  • Soft cheekbones

 Best haircuts for round/circle face shapes are long with long wispy layers. Be sure to avoid short one-length blunt cuts, like a classic bob.


  • Long face
  • Round jawline 
  • Soft cheekbones

Best haircuts for oval face shapes are angular bobs with layers that fall around the cheekbones, lip or chin. If you have thick, curly hair be sure to stay away from blunt short haircuts.


  • Petite face
  • Square jawline
  • Sharp cheekbones

Best haircuts for square face shapes are super short edgy cuts or long with long sleek layers. It would be best to stay away from wide blunt bangs.


  • Long face
  • Square jawline
  • Sharp/low cheekbones

Best haircuts for oblong face shapes are chin length bobs with shorter layers. I would avoid pixie cuts or going longer then the collarbone in length.


  • Long face with a small chin
  • Square/sharp jawline
  • Prominent/high cheekbones

Best haircuts for diamond face shapes are long bobs with lots of texture. Try to avoid one-length bobs with severe bangs.


  • Small chin
  • Round jawline
  • Prominent high cheekbones

Best haircuts for heart face shapes are long with long layers falling around your cheekbones and a soft bang. Try to avoid short blunt bangs.

Do you know your face shape and ready for a new do? Call me at 724.290.4634 to set up an appointment.